About Us

    Our Vision
    Our vision is to make the nursery a happy place where everyone is known and valued, where needs are acknowledged, accepted and met. We encourage every child to be independent and self disciplined to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and respect for others and environment. We provide a stimulating range of activities to develop a can do attitude that will stay with the child life long. To develop a child’s self esteem is another main aim of the nursery, ensuring all children make a sustained progress ahead.

    Our Mission

    • Emotional Well being: We believe that children and families need to feel secure in their relationship with us. They need to feel emotionally contained and to have the opportunities to make secure attachments.
    • Learning is learnable: We believe that learning is learnable and support our children and families to develop dispositions to enable them to be effective lifelong learners. We have developed a learning community where we are all learners, recognizing that it is fine to make mistakes.
    • Inclusivity: We believe that all children and families have a right to access our services and be welcomed as equal partner. We go out way to learn from individuals- adapting and improving our provision to ensure it ‘enables’ all.
    • Personal Histories: We recognize that everyone comes to our nursery with a mind to share, from which we can learn. We understand that this personal history needs to be voiced and listened too and that this cannot happen without space and time.
    • Creativity: We celebrate the process of learning, imagining and problem solving, recognizing everyone as a unique thinker and artist. We take the lead from individual fascinations and allow them to inspire us.
      We hope that you can sense, feel, hear and see these in all the interactions that we have with you and your child.
    • Spread Smile World Wide.
    • Maintaining Children’s Instinct.
    • Taking Care of Moral and Mental Growth.
    • Family Atmosphere.
    • Play, Explore and Develop the Abilities.
    • Developing Children’s Imagination.

    Safety & Hygiene

    Our license is renewed every year after the local authorities conduct an inspection of the nursery. This guarantees a high standard in safety and cleanliness of the buildings and its surroundings.nurseries in abu dhabi

    Parent -Teacher Association

    Effective communication between home and nursery is vital.Parents are always welcome to communicate with the administration in order to deliver the best service to your child.