Daily Activities

Name Activity
Arrival Greet children as they arrive, self registry, children choose a learning center to play in.
Free play Children choose the area of the classroom where they would like to play. At the beginning of the year I tend to guide the children more. Setting out, specific toys or material in each area.
Circle time Calendar, songs etc. Children get a chance to share everything, they like with the class.
Theme related activity Activities related to the theme of the week/month. These activities provide a good opportunity to pull together skills from different areas such as Language art, mental perception etc
Music/drama/cooking/Language Art activity At the age of 4 children are ready to learn the letters and sounds of alphabet. I teach a sound a week as well as practicing general language of pre reading skill.
Independent play Children are free to engage in any activity they like. I use this time to make observation on the children’s general social skill
Saying Good-bye We get together again, recapture what we did during the day, say good-bye and get ready to go home.