Welcome to Dazzling Stars Nursery

Dazzling Stars Nursery and Day Care is an Montessori based Curriculum located in Mohammed bin Zayed City,Sector 24 Villa No. 46, Mussafah,Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. We provide the highest quality childcare that is both accessible and affordable. Your children will be safe, loved and stimulated in an efficient, well maintained and above all homely environment. We will promote a healthy understanding and respect for natural values in all aspects of the nursery.

 Above all, we want your children to leave our nursery with the confidence and skills to help them meet the challenges that lie ahead in the school system and beyond. We passionately believe this to be a joint effort between the nursery and parents and to that end we will promote the right environment for that partnership to succeed. Dazzling Stars Nursery and Day Care offering early childhood education to our children through playing and various activities.Bring your child we will take care.


 A Preschool or Nursery is an educational establishment offering early childhood to children between the ages of three and five.nurseries in abu dhabi
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Day Care

Day Care is typically an ongoing service during specific periods, such as the parents’  time at work. Day care is a formal structure with education, child development, discipline and even more behavioral services.nurseries in abu dhabi

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Pre Writing Skills

Bubbles Day

Alphabetic Fun Activities

Good Habits and Hygiene